Vivo Ouano and Dion Ignacio’s Bakekang Kiss Flick

16-year old StarStruck 3 Avenger Vivo Ouano and StarStruck 1 Avenger Dion Ignacio will kiss each other in Bakekang. StarStruck Reunion na talaga Bakekang. We have there Yasmien Kurdi, Nadine Samonte (off to Super Twins), Dion Ignacio, Tyrone Perez, Iwa Moto, Arci Munoz (according to ANTM, you shouldn’t wear the same eyeshadow as your dress I don’t know why) and now Vivo Ouano. And yeah, Marky Cielo (off to Asian Treasures). May kulang ba sa list ko? Continue reading Vivo Ouano and Dion Ignacio’s Bakekang Kiss Flick

Jewel Mische is this year’s Vivo Ouano: All face, no talent

Vivo Ouano had the face in last year’s StarStruck 3. He was also a good boy, but sadly he lacked talent. When it came to a point where voters had to choose, some thought he was on safe grounds while others thought he wasn’t worth the TXT load. And now, Jewel Mische. She is touted as the UP Diliman Music major with the captivating face. No real talent in singing, poor acting skills. So she’ll most likely end up as a commercial model, a sub-co-host and perhaps someone who plays piano (or whatever she plays) in the background while some … Continue reading Jewel Mische is this year’s Vivo Ouano: All face, no talent

Rea’s blog showing Vivo’s content

Bakit mga isinulat ni Vivo ang nakikita sa blog ni Rea? Kagaguhan na naman ito ng GMA7. Do they really have to promote Vivo Ouano using Rea Nakpil’s link and by extension, supporters? 🙁 For a larger view, click on the pictures. Vivo Ouano’s StarStruck blog Rea Nakpil’s StarStruck blog showing Vivo’s content Screen grabs by Splasher. Original multimedia content © 2006 GMA7. Continue reading Rea’s blog showing Vivo’s content

Worst guest judge

I’m talking about Klya. SS3 is already on its 7th week and she doesn’t even know their names? she should be responsible enough for the viewers to know the names of the persons she was judging. By deliberately not knowing the survivors, it just shows she is so desperate to put herself a notch higher thatn these budding celebrities. Pero I’m sure may manggagaling sa SS3 na mas sisikat pa sa kanya. That said, buti na lang Wednesday night the Monday and Tuesday night disasters. Palpak na nga ang mga natira sa test na ito, palpak pa mga judges. I … Continue reading Worst guest judge