Rea’s blog showing Vivo’s content

Bakit mga isinulat ni Vivo ang nakikita sa blog ni Rea? Kagaguhan na naman ito ng GMA7. Do they really have to promote Vivo Ouano using Rea Nakpil’s link and by extension, supporters? 🙁 For a larger view, click on the pictures. Vivo Ouano’s StarStruck blog Rea Nakpil’s StarStruck blog showing Vivo’s content Screen grabs by Splasher. Original multimedia content © 2006 GMA7. Continue reading Rea’s blog showing Vivo’s content

Goodbye, Rea Nakpil

Malungkot ako ngayon. 🙁 (Sounding like Chuck) Read na lang my post here. Bakit si Rea Nakpil? —– It seems that her fans left her after getting three Pasaway nominations. I don’t like it that Iwa Moto disabled trackbacks to her blog. I don’t like it that Chuck Allie does not allow comments and trackbacks on his blog. I’m cool now that Marky’s blog accepts my trackbacks again. First of all, I’m a blogger. Magiging masungit ako sa mga nagba-blog na nga, nagtatago pa. learn how to handle the StarStruck life. Blog like a blogger. Continue reading Goodbye, Rea Nakpil

I so like Marky and Rea together

But sadly, they won’t be together in their quest for the top spot. Rea said goodbye. Something that was totally unexpected. I didn’t want her to go yet. I wonder what really happened this Friday. Accordingly, Rea had to go to the hospital. Tonight she showed the face of a strong girl. I hope I’ll be watching you in Etheria. Last week was Marky’s lowest so far for a reason. I think he was the last to be called safe because this Sunday was going to be all his. And no doubt, he owned the stage when it was time … Continue reading I so like Marky and Rea together

Goodbye, Johan Santos

Related Articles: Johan Santos in Pinoy Big Brother Double Up Bottom three: Johan Santos, Bugz Daigo, Sara Larsson Pasaway of the Week: Rea Nakpil StarStruck just said goodbye to Johan. Kulang sa fan base kahit may talent. Pumalpak pa sa acting. May hatak pa rin si Bugz sa Cebu. Plus he serves to spice up the show. Baka next week pa si Sara. As for Rea, she will not speak with the other survivors for a week, she will be the last priority during all activities for the week (and Douglas Nierras is there!) and she must be there one … Continue reading Goodbye, Johan Santos