Singing in the rain

I wasn’t surprised when Marky Cielo sang with his shirt off. It seems like it’s the currystrumpet’s idea. Inisip ko rin na it would be a good way for Marky to get noticed some more, but I never thought that they would actually do it. Screen grabs by crossfire_eihra multimedia content © 2006 GMA7 I still can’t imagine Vivo in a show na wala siyang gagawin kundi magkalat. Sana manalo siya ng one year workshop contract from GMA7. Training pa at hindi shows. OK lang na ganyan siya sa SS3, pero outside the show, it would be different. Magaling nga … Continue reading Singing in the rain

I so like Marky and Rea together

But sadly, they won’t be together in their quest for the top spot. Rea said goodbye. Something that was totally unexpected. I didn’t want her to go yet. I wonder what really happened this Friday. Accordingly, Rea had to go to the hospital. Tonight she showed the face of a strong girl. I hope I’ll be watching you in Etheria. Last week was Marky’s lowest so far for a reason. I think he was the last to be called safe because this Sunday was going to be all his. And no doubt, he owned the stage when it was time … Continue reading I so like Marky and Rea together

Marky Cielo, Igorot

Halfway across Halsema, I learned what I have been looking for — Marky’s middle name. I was told it’s ‘Cadaweng.’ I’m not sure if it’s true but it basically confirms that Marc Anthony Angelo is an Igorot. Her mom is one. He grew up in Butuan but is now in Baguio. I think he is of Bauko descent. I tried asking Marky himself via StarStruck TXT, but he never replied. Anyway, that facility is not that reliable for queries such as these and comments posted on the StarStruck blog were more helpful. I’m back in Baguio with a Sagada windburn. … Continue reading Marky Cielo, Igorot

Music video suggestions

Music video suggestions: Marky Cielo country song + cowboy getup (hat, leather jacket, pointed boots) If he can handle the old version of “I don’t wanna miss a thing” that would be awesome. If not, then “If tomorrow never comes” would be a safe choice. if he doesn’t dig country, then reggae Bob Marley’s “Is this love” next action star? Gian Carlos a t-shirt with a superman is dead logo Adam Sandler’s “Growing old with you” the ultimate happy/funny man Iwa Moto Saigono Iwake (sp?) + Tagalog & Bisaya versions the Japanese connection Any more suggestions? Continue reading Music video suggestions