Goodbye Jan Manual and Rich Asuncion

Viewers Votes Group 1: Kris Jesi Mart 149,594 Jesi 71,835 75, 157 Conclusion: Hindi sapat and spending power ng fan base ni Mart since he got the lowest two-week viewers votes among the guys. His fans were even given one week extra to show their support. Group 2: Paulo Aljur Jan Prince 95,713 This must be Prince. His votes will rise as a result of transfer of support from Rich to him, putting Mart in next weeks bottom group and putting Prince in equal standing with Paulo and Aljur’s votes. 80,332 Jan was removed not because he was lowest in … Continue reading Goodbye Jan Manual and Rich Asuncion

Star Votes

Malakas sina Aljur Abrenica at Jewel Mische sa mga GMA stars — mostly StarStruck alumni. As expected, Marky Cielo chose Paulo Avelino as for Ultimate Hunk. Bago pa man dineclare ni Paulo na siya ay Igorot on TV, nag-text na si Marky via FanaTXT: MARKY:HI!Ksmsta ikw?Xa nga pla,mewon ako kbbyang igorot dn nkapasok sa final14.Sportaan taku kasin nan kailian taku, aw?Kya nood po tau rati ng strsturck — 8 Jan 2007 8:21pm Take note that most likely, this informal non-random survey was done before the Dancing and Singing Week so nung tinanong yung mga artista, Kiss Flicks pa lang ang … Continue reading Star Votes

Kiss Flicks Red Carpet Special

Awarding of Best Love Team. There should be a votation for Best Script. I don’t think someone will be eliminated. Like how would we be able to compare the last pair with the other pairs? If they happen to be the best pair but there wasn’t enough time to vote for them… So I think this Sunday is reserved for awards. Sa susunod na ang tigbakan. Update: Best Kiss Takas Dex Quindoza Rich Asuncion Best Actor Paulo Avelino Best Actress Stef Prescott Director’s Choice Jan Manual Nagalit si Direk Louie dahil sa pagkakalat ni Aljur Abrenica sa SOP. No name … Continue reading Kiss Flicks Red Carpet Special