Jackie Rice, Marky Cielo, Iwa Moto, Gian Carlos

Splash/er is grateful for this pic from the High Priestess of Junjunism. Desktop-worthy wallpaper version will be posted later. Unfortunately, PLDT Vibe does not like me so I couldn’t download then upload it now. StarStruck 3: The Nationwide Invasion Final 4 >> Jackie Rice, Marky Cielo, Iwa Moto, Gian Carlos. StarStruck says goodbye to Jana Roxas and and Chuck Allie. Isa lang mali sa guess ko. Kaway pang-That’s My Boy ang wave ni Marky. Gusto ko na pumunta sa Marikina Sports Complex this March 12. And bus ticket na rin from Baguio to Cubao o kung hanggang saan pinakamalapit sa … Continue reading Jackie Rice, Marky Cielo, Iwa Moto, Gian Carlos

Music video suggestions

Music video suggestions: Marky Cielo country song + cowboy getup (hat, leather jacket, pointed boots) If he can handle the old version of “I don’t wanna miss a thing” that would be awesome. If not, then “If tomorrow never comes” would be a safe choice. if he doesn’t dig country, then reggae Bob Marley’s “Is this love” next action star? Gian Carlos a t-shirt with a superman is dead logo Adam Sandler’s “Growing old with you” the ultimate happy/funny man Iwa Moto Saigono Iwake (sp?) + Tagalog & Bisaya versions the Japanese connection Any more suggestions? Continue reading Music video suggestions