Goodbye, Dex Quindoza and Hazel Uy

Bottom four: Jesi Corcuera (highest vote-out count. Palaging babae navo-vote-out) Hazel Uy Aljur Abrenica Dex Quindoza Eliminated: Dex Quindoza Hazel Uy The guys dont like Jesi kasi kaagaw siya (and they cant spell her name right). Sa pag-alis ni Hazel, minana nila lahat ang kanyang paraan ng pag-thank you — bow, hands together forming a steeple (like the Thais do) and then mouth thank you. Nawala na ang dalawang gusto ko huhuhu. Tomorrow: Dance with Douglas It’s either Prince or Jan and Jesi or Rich for next week. Vote out: Kris – Stef Stef – Jewel Hazel – Jewel Rich … Continue reading Goodbye, Dex Quindoza and Hazel Uy

Paulo Avelino + Hazel Uy = Full House aso’t pusa

Paulo Avelino and Hazel Uy have become SS4’s Justin and Jessie by default. The Koreanovela Full House aso’t pusa are a good love team, eh? VoteStruck vote out episode (Saturday, January 13) Hazel votes Paulo for elimination. During the post-vote-out interview, Paulo explains: English kasi siya ng English. Haha. Wasn’t that the complaint being thrown to Paulo? He was the one who sounded cono. Anyway, this is round two of Igorot vs. Cebuano. Before it was Bugz who said re Marky — Dapat siya ang matanggal kasi siya ang naiiiba. Igorot kasi siya. And now it’s Paulo who is giving … Continue reading Paulo Avelino + Hazel Uy = Full House aso’t pusa