Goodbye, Dex Quindoza and Hazel Uy

Bottom four: Jesi Corcuera (highest vote-out count. Palaging babae navo-vote-out) Hazel Uy Aljur Abrenica Dex Quindoza Eliminated: Dex Quindoza Hazel Uy The guys dont like Jesi kasi kaagaw siya (and they cant spell her name right). Sa pag-alis ni Hazel, minana nila lahat ang kanyang paraan ng pag-thank you — bow, hands together forming a steeple (like the Thais do) and then mouth thank you. Nawala na ang dalawang gusto ko huhuhu. Tomorrow: Dance with Douglas It’s either Prince or Jan and Jesi or Rich for next week. Vote out: Kris – Stef Stef – Jewel Hazel – Jewel Rich … Continue reading Goodbye, Dex Quindoza and Hazel Uy

Kiss Flicks Red Carpet Special

Awarding of Best Love Team. There should be a votation for Best Script. I don’t think someone will be eliminated. Like how would we be able to compare the last pair with the other pairs? If they happen to be the best pair but there wasn’t enough time to vote for them… So I think this Sunday is reserved for awards. Sa susunod na ang tigbakan. Update: Best Kiss Takas Dex Quindoza Rich Asuncion Best Actor Paulo Avelino Best Actress Stef Prescott Director’s Choice Jan Manual Nagalit si Direk Louie dahil sa pagkakalat ni Aljur Abrenica sa SOP. No name … Continue reading Kiss Flicks Red Carpet Special

Kiss Flick Thursday: Takas

Takas, an action short film starring Rich Asuncion and Dex Quindoza about two criminals who want to start a new life. Rich and Dex are required to kiss each other. First time ni Rich. Ok, bagong-buhay at sunrise. Good location — saan ba ‘to? Bad script (not that bad, pero you know. Nice ending, though.) No chemistry. Ayoko na tuloy silang dalawa. Director Rico Gutierrez’ rating Rich 6-7/10 Dex 5-4/10 Continue reading Kiss Flick Thursday: Takas