Paulo Avelino + Hazel Uy = Full House aso’t pusa

Paulo Avelino and Hazel Uy have become SS4’s Justin and Jessie by default. The Koreanovela Full House aso’t pusa are a good love team, eh? VoteStruck vote out episode (Saturday, January 13) Hazel votes Paulo for elimination. During the post-vote-out interview, Paulo explains: English kasi siya ng English. Haha. Wasn’t that the complaint being thrown to Paulo? He was the one who sounded cono. Anyway, this is round two of Igorot vs. Cebuano. Before it was Bugz who said re Marky — Dapat siya ang matanggal kasi siya ang naiiiba. Igorot kasi siya. And now it’s Paulo who is giving … Continue reading Paulo Avelino + Hazel Uy = Full House aso’t pusa

Goodbye, Johan Santos

Related Articles: Johan Santos in Pinoy Big Brother Double Up Bottom three: Johan Santos, Bugz Daigo, Sara Larsson Pasaway of the Week: Rea Nakpil StarStruck just said goodbye to Johan. Kulang sa fan base kahit may talent. Pumalpak pa sa acting. May hatak pa rin si Bugz sa Cebu. Plus he serves to spice up the show. Baka next week pa si Sara. As for Rea, she will not speak with the other survivors for a week, she will be the last priority during all activities for the week (and Douglas Nierras is there!) and she must be there one … Continue reading Goodbye, Johan Santos

Bugz’ fate is Cebu’s decision

Those from Cebu would be more aware of Bugz Daigo‘s real self. If they know that is not good enough to be the representative of Cebu/the Visayas, then surely his votes for next week would go down, making him and Johann the nominees for the New Year’s day eviction. That is, if a girl goes on Christmas day. Votes perviously intended for him would then go to either Sara or Gian if the Cebuano vote decides to stay regional, or to the other finalists if the local voters have other criteria for voting. It would also be possible that the … Continue reading Bugz’ fate is Cebu’s decision

Bugz Daigo: The Airhead

He joined StarStruck the Nationwide Invasion with one thing in mind, and that is to gain more fans. Bugz Daigo, with a name that seems to have been inspired by some animation movie, was already considered a local celebrity in Cebu, but wanted more. Kung di lang siya mayabang, mas malayo ang pupuntahan niya. He could be the next guy to go as Johann seems to be gaining more fans. And Johann has talent to boot. check out the other SS3 finalists. Continue reading Bugz Daigo: The Airhead