StarStruck Next Level Ultimate Winners

Final Judgment Results: Ultimate Sweethearts: Mart Escudero and Kris Bernal Ultimate Hunk: Aljur Abrenica Ultimate Sweetheart: Jewel Mische This means that StarStruck’s Pontius Pilate diversion would actually work. The pairing of Mart and Kris means that Aljur is free to be with Stef, Jewel with Paulo, and Prince will remain with Rich. Aljur and Kris each got the highest text votes. Continue reading StarStruck Next Level Ultimate Winners

Aljur Abrenica: Liar, Liar

Mabuti pa si Stef Prescott, nag-sorry siya. Kahit sablay pa rin ang pag-sorry niya pero at least may effort. Mabuti pa si Mirrian Defensor-Santiago, kahit nagsinungaling siya, pero umamin din naman (I lied! hahahaha!) Eh si Aljur Abrenica, di lang siya nag-deny, nag-claim pa siya na may naninira sa kanya. Ahas ka Aljur. Ahas! Kailangan pa bang sabihing di ninyo ginagamit sa bahay ang salitang yan? Sanctimonious snake! At least si Stef, may talent siya. Alam mo, bagay kayo ni Kris Bernal na nagsabing lumayo siya kay Jesi Corcuera kasi sabi daw ng Mom niya. Ang then the mom shows … Continue reading Aljur Abrenica: Liar, Liar

Goodbye, Paulo Avelino and Stef Prescott

The North has been erased from the StarStruck map with the elimination of Paulo Avelino and Stef Prescott. Hint that Paulo wasn’t going to be in the Final 6: StarStruck did not bring the Danger 8 to Baguio. Plus, Paulo lost hometown votes partly because of his stance as regards his ethnicity and GMA’s own fault of making fun of Igorots. As for Stef, mere count of TXT votes does not show presence of fandom. While it’s not likely that the Survivors from the South will get any of the Ultimate titles, their presence in the Final 6 is a … Continue reading Goodbye, Paulo Avelino and Stef Prescott

Love Music Video — The Promise

Direk Rico Gutierrez’s choice Paulo and Jewel Kris and Aljur The Promise (I’ll Never Say Goodbye) Lyrics A love for people all around us… …You and I shall be forever. Say goodbye, when I can barely say goodnight. If I can hardly take my eyes from yours, how far can I go? Walk away, the thought would never cross my mind. I couldn’t turn my back on Spring or Fall, your smile least of all. When I say always, I mean forever. I trust tomorrow as much as today, I am not afraid to say I love you. But I … Continue reading Love Music Video — The Promise

Bumoto ng Tama — Endorsement Test

OK. Sino iboboto ko? I’ll choose the least evil. Joker Arroyo Escudero (? ka-friendster ni Ferdinand Marcos eh) Trillanes (?) Sonia Roco Coseteng Honasan – – – – I’m thinking if I should include Ceasar Montano and Richard Gomez. Tutal, wala din namang nangyayari sa Senado. – Cesar Montano (?) – Richard Gomez (?) Definitely not Oreta. Pangilinan. Continue reading Bumoto ng Tama — Endorsement Test