CJ Returns

The three girls held on to their seats but Benj had to go from among the boys. Competition fatigue, as explained by the Doug. Nothing is spontaneous when it comes to Benj. Everything seemed to have been premeditated and when he fumbled a bit, things came crashing down. But he is still a StarSruck Star. Now will CJ’s victory last longer than a week? We will see. Continue reading CJ Returns

Operation Agaw Puwesto

The top pair of the Avengers will replace the bottom pair of the Danger Six to comprise the Survivor Six. So all 14 of the Survivors will be back next week. Scores are back to zero and the computation of the scores are changed to 35% from the Council, 35% from the Experts and 30% from the Viewers. Four of the Danger Six will stay, but the bottom two will be replaced. Who will get replaced? What is required to be able to kick the lowest pair of the Danger Six? Clarification: Mapapatalsik lang naman yata ang lowest (female/male) sa … Continue reading Operation Agaw Puwesto