10 thoughts on “Ian Batherson

  1. Hey Ian, i’m one of your aunt tess friend in Madrid,Spain, hope you gonna win this compitation..

  2. haha… XDXD
    Ian!!! i always watch starstruck because of you… (galingan mo pa!)
    ure my ultimate starstruck survivor…

    wag mong icipin ung twice na nkasama ka sa bottom group!

    kaya mo yan!!! GO!

  3. ian is so cute….he reminds me of the one i love before!HAHAHA hope to see him in person! and sana sya ang manalo!

  4. u’re nothing iAn! mas karapat-dapat pang mag-stay c PIERO kesA seo””..ZZoorryy but i don’t appreciate ur LoOk n most of oL ur taLent..gRRrrr!

  5. hi ian. i was the one who were in the studio of Master Showman (walang tulugan) nice meeting you :))

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