Bitter Dave Valentino using Jesus Christ

Dave Valentino is superstitious. He believes he lost because he was given a screen name that is 13 letter long.

At the same time, he keeps on using the name of Jesus to make his readers think that he is in the right and everybody else is wrong. Self-righteous must be his middle name.

OK lang na sinabi niya na StarStruck did something wrong to him. But that he continues to use his official StarStruck blog to badmouth everybody is something else.

He is a troll.

Kaya ba napikon si Geleen sa mga natira sa StarStruck kasi tanggal ang alaga niya?


One thought on “Bitter Dave Valentino using Jesus Christ

  1. grabeh k nmn.. bakit nmn ang kikitid ng ulo nio.. ala syang ibig sbhin s mga cnabi nia sa blog nia.. y do you keep telling that.. please look in your eyes’ dirt before you look others’.

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