Goodbye Jan Manual and Rich Asuncion

Viewers Votes

Group 1: Kris Jesi Mart
149,594 Jesi
75, 157
Conclusion: Hindi sapat and spending power ng fan base ni Mart since he got the lowest two-week viewers votes among the guys. His fans were even given one week extra to show their support.

Group 2: Paulo Aljur Jan Prince
95,713 This must be Prince. His votes will rise as a result of transfer of support from Rich to him, putting Mart in next weeks bottom group and putting Prince in equal standing with Paulo and Aljur’s votes.
80,332 Jan was removed not because he was lowest in viewers votes. It must be in his lack of potential to become a star compared to the other competitors.
115,507 Paulo or Aljur
117,776 highest votes for the guys — Paulo or Aljur

Group 3: Stef Jewel Rich
56,814 Of course it’s Stef. No it’s Rich. Walang strong vote support from her family kasi her parents are low wage earners.

Conclusion? An overachieving contender becomes an excellent kontrabida. For, Rich, up next would be Bb. Pilipinas. For Stef, it’s hello bottom group for next week. Unless, her family reduces the budget for Broadway Studio cheerers and use it to raise her votes. Or siya na ba ang highest for this Sunday’s group three? Dapat i-vote out siya ng mga remaining survivors.

Votes from active online community if measured, would show Jewel on top and Paulo close behind. This may be different from online votes as some voters appear online to vote for their bets but have no sustained online existence.

Kim Chiu nasa commercial load ng SS4 Sunday.

Bottom five:


Jan Hi, sa mga fans ko, ang saya-saya ko!
Rich I’m not gonna cry… I’m not gonna cry… I can’t believe it, how come?

Next Week:

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Jan Manual and Rich Asuncion

  1. _sana jan wagkang mawalan ng pag asa!God always have porpose toall,just believe in.and i always here dikita iiwan ambig fan of yours!!always SMILE fromyour fan that always support you!!_erwin

  2. sayang natanggal ang heartrob ng buhay ko,hehe… kainis naman kasi si jan eh, binigyan na nga ng another chance, hindi pa sinulit,hehe! but anyway, dito ka pa rin sa puso koh!

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