Goodbye, Dex Quindoza and Hazel Uy

Bottom four:
Jesi Corcuera (highest vote-out count. Palaging babae navo-vote-out)
Hazel Uy
Aljur Abrenica
Dex Quindoza

Dex Quindoza
Hazel Uy

The guys dont like Jesi kasi kaagaw siya (and they cant spell her name right).

Sa pag-alis ni Hazel, minana nila lahat ang kanyang paraan ng pag-thank you — bow, hands together forming a steeple (like the Thais do) and then mouth thank you.

Nawala na ang dalawang gusto ko huhuhu.

Tomorrow: Dance with Douglas

It’s either Prince or Jan and Jesi or Rich for next week.

Vote out:
Kris – Stef
Stef – Jewel
Hazel – Jewel
Rich – Jewel
Jesi – Paulo
the rest, Jesi.

Up Next:
Dance (Douglas Nierras)
Fashion, Style, Managers, Press

Kissflicks, Struckhits (Pinoy Pop SuperStarStruck, recording, music videos, VJ, Sunday Concert)

11 thoughts on “Goodbye, Dex Quindoza and Hazel Uy

  1. WHY is it that these guys kept on saying prince stefan should be eliminated? we know for a fact that he is a total performer as evidenced by his singing solo last time at sm metro manila. yes, maybe he has low rating in their kissflick but look, stef was given more lines and his role was very limited also.
    do you think gma7 will just throw him out of the contest? he has more potential than the other guys, he can sing, he can dance and he can act. other bets are good in dancing and acting but let them sing if they can reach high notes.
    this week is a singing contest and i know prince stefan will prevail again…dont be so sarcastic guys af if he dont have a chance at all…
    go prince stefan, we the ilonggos are solid for you and we will show them that its not popularity that counts but talent and text votes that counts. look at dex quindoza, he has the most number of streamers and cheerers but also eliminated. take this as a lesson guys!

  2. we are just very happy to know that prince stefan was again included in the top 10 of starstruck next level.

    we know that some people are bitter and are not happy with him being included thats why they keep on wishing that he will be eliminated.

    listen guys, we are solid supporters of prince stefan and we will make anything to be sure that he wont be eliminated. sorry…..

    go prince stefan, we love you!!!!

  3. i hope and pray that prince stefan will still be included this sunday’s eliminations. although metro manilans dont like regional contestants, but i still believe, a good talent will prevail in this contest. also, i see that prince stefan has developed a lot and he has already regained his composure and self confidence. i also think that with good talent and text votes coming in his favor, he will emerge as a winner as ultimate hunk.

    go prince stefan, we love you….

  4. I Like jewel kc maganda xa…pra xang c Kc Concepion!
    C Stef nman…hhhmmmmm…maganda din kaso ang arte eh,exxagerated na kc xa,pati ang mga galaw nya….

  5. wala ng babait pa kay jewel kasi nagpunta sya sa bahay namin just to say hi and nad tnx sa mga vote hahaha yung lola kasi nya of some sort e friend ng mom ko hahaha swerte no hehehe… GOOOO JEWEL BOO ON STEF…

  6. bkit natanggl c dex? magaling nmn sya ah?
    he do hes best nmn pro bkit sya p?
    may award p nga sya db?

    sana lng mabalik syacoz yaw q n manood ng starstruckdhil la n sya
    hes my idol|!

  7. Mart Escudero is quite familiar, I think He appeared several times before sa qpids of ABS CBN, if starstruck is really an artista search, they won’t have MART as one of their ultimate survivors ‘coz he is already an “ARTISTA” on the other network. Why not give chance to the fresh faces who is striving hard to survive the competition.

  8. Jan’s performance last night was remarkable,eventhough He was starstrucked with Regine, he went on with his singing and projected a really cute smile on screen. GO! GO! GO! JAN MANUAL

  9. JAN MANUAL is doing well in his acting, as their acting workshop facilitator said: “Magaling at madaling pumik-ap si JAN. He could be a good leader.”
    He did even won the DIRECTOR’S CHOICE AWARD. GO JAN MANUAL, we will support and pray for you. Keep up the good work!

  10. Malabo ata matanggal si JAN MANUAL, he has all the potentials in acting.sya pa nga nagka award ng director’s choice, it only means that he is good in acting at hindi pa cute cute lang. If you will see his prevoius acting challenge it is quite convincing, from the bakekang challenge which Direk Khris Adalia commented that JAN can memorize his script very well which lead him in surviving the final 16.

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