Worst guest judge

I’m talking about Klya. SS3 is already on its 7th week and she doesn’t even know their names? she should be responsible enough for the viewers to know the names of the persons she was judging. By deliberately not knowing the survivors, it just shows she is so desperate to put herself a notch higher thatn these budding celebrities. Pero I’m sure may manggagaling sa SS3 na mas sisikat pa sa kanya.

That said, buti na lang Wednesday night the Monday and Tuesday night disasters. Palpak na nga ang mga natira sa test na ito, palpak pa mga judges. I liked the insights of the two judges. Yung tipong alam nila ang sinasabi nila at hindi lang nagsasalita para may masabi.

Chuck was consistenly the worst singer. I’m beginning to think sumikat lang siya dahil naging partner niya si Iwa sa Struckflicks. Pangit din ang boses ni Vivo. Sara ang Jana pa rin ang malalaglag sa girls.

4 thoughts on “Worst guest judge

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