Goodbye, Johan Santos

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StarStruck just said goodbye to Johan. Kulang sa fan base kahit may talent. Pumalpak pa sa acting. May hatak pa rin si Bugz sa Cebu. Plus he serves to spice up the show. Baka next week pa si Sara.

As for Rea, she will not speak with the other survivors for a week, she will be the last priority during all activities for the week (and Douglas Nierras is there!) and she must be there one hour before call time each day of next week.

Salamat naman at sinasabi na ngayon kung bakit naging pasaway yung contender. Late as usual. Rea naman, wag ka ganyan.

Louie, in pink and blond suha hair, is more effective (to the Filipino viewing audience) when he tells why he is not pleased and what needs to be done rather than merely going ballistic.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye, Johan Santos

  1. I think it’s a bit of “trying-hard” to be bitchy like that. (referring to Louie) You can reprimand someone or make your point without being that tactless.


    I like Rea Nakpil. I actually voted for her. I dunno. I like her better than Iwa. (Eat me, Iwa fans.) Rea looks like a star already. But she has to stop being a bratinella.

    I’d like to see Bugz and Sara go. ‘Pag hindi sila ang na-eliminate next week, ewan ko na. But then again, there might be a sudden turn of events this week. Tonight!

  2. im s hapy na hindi c rea ang nag gudbye….pro bkit c johan?? duh..meron nman ciang talent d bah??? mas ok sna kng c bugz ang ntanggal…hindi ksi marunong magtagalog ng diretso…tapos palpak p ang acting…anway, gudluck to rea n jackie.

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