Why not Kankanaey?

When Marky Cielo went home to promote StarStruck and his quest for stardom, he spoke in Iluko/Ilocano. This could be a way for him to get more sympathy from a bigger audience (television audience– the whole Northern Luzon), but why didn’t he use Kankanaey more? It would have made the experience more authentic.

Anyway, I’m already convinced that he is really from here. I’m just wondering why SLU is not giving its support to him. Dahil ba hindi ito SCQ? Last year nung may nakapasok sa SCQ-Regional, na-lagay pangalan at mukha niya sa Buhay SLU (SLU Bulletin). Ngayon, wala man lang congratulations from the school? Unfair!

Ala, ulay eestem kayet Marky. Baken mo dayaw et kedeng nan naitapyam isnan StarStruck am-amed tay ad-ado ay Ili nan inumdanam. Kagagasing ay mang-ila ken sik-a isnan TV et nan pangabak mo et pangabak tako am-in.

34 thoughts on “Why not Kankanaey?

  1. way to go maryk! im from benguet and my hometown is just neighboring mark’s, sinto, bauko, mt. province. im from bangao, buguias, i read most of the blogs and just want to send our support to MARKY CIELO from San Isidro High School (SIHS) Batch 1999 (Buguias, Benguet). that’s where marky graduated high school and not in mt. province as i read on other posts.

    matago tago tako am in! wada en sik a di suporta me amin! goodluck!
    God Bless!

  2. it doesn’t matter where he finish his studies during his school years what matters most is he accept that he is an igorot!!!!!!

    go marky!!!!

    u got our support, just be proud to be an igorot, 4 igorots are good people, hospitable, and respectfull!!!!!!!!!!

    just be proud, be proud to be an igorot!

    good luck & God Bless

  3. go marky, i agree with you ifontok …. ang importante sana huwag niya ikahiya ang isang pagiging igorot..ano ba problema kung isa kang igorot.. ????stay humble, simple and be proud na isa kang igorot….as long as u are not doing bad ….. walang problema doon….happy new year to all … and peace to all…..

  4. siamaachisaya,meaning thank you tay wada en kananda ay igorot.be proud and next time u perform wear ur tie down.kanan late gov. A.Lam-en di.God bless you and be yourself have faith inyursep.happy new year.

  5. in my opinion montanagig is just making a correction as to the facts about where Marky studied.

    Marky’s success or failure also depends on us. Lets give him that 50% and he will have to work for that 50%.

    manbotos tako kayet. entakos san internet cafe ay makwani, manload kayo esan cell phone yo ta sumanengseng nan botos di kailian tako.

    i read somewhere that Marky is geetting support too from Nueva Ecija and upwards ket no kasta nasayaat met ta adda tumulong.


  6. Marky,
    kagagasing ya kararagsak ay mangdenge ya mangbuya kan sik a sinan tv et sapay koma ta si Apo ta ko ay dyos di wada ay mangtatakdo ken sik a ay kinanayon…stay humble and be proud ay esang ka ay igorot

    umali kayo et kayet ta was di menbotos ta suportaran tako nan kailian tako..matago tago tako am in….

  7. gaking ni marky talaga………ma appeal nice face …keep up….any ways kmi dito sa slu khit di mapublish face nya sa buhay slu…todo support pa rin us because we are ur kapuso galing talaga ni marky

  8. why do other people make the issue about igorot so big!!!???? d naman yun big deal eh. anywayz, problema nila yon. if they hate us igorot, the feeling is mutual db? huwag tayong papayag na api-apihin lang. nyehehehe….

  9. Aileen

    The Igorot issue is a Big Deal, very Big Deal. It’s our chance to be noticed and understood. Other parts of the Philippine look us down because they don’t know about us and they don’t understand about us. Thanks to Marky for puting the Mountain Province on the map and the whole Igorotland.

    Like I wrote in another forum. Here in the states, every time I met a Filipino. They don’t even know where the hell Mountain Province is. They would say, saang province ka doon sa Mountain Province? Or hindi ka Igorot dahil ang mga Igorots are those ldark little people with curly hairs. They don’t know that they are refering to the negritos /itas of Zambales. Tsaka ang akala ng ibang pilipino ay Igorots are dirty and ugly people na walang pinag-aralan. Hay naku mga ignorante. Kung alam lang nila.

    Ang another thing, as time goes by, I keep finding out na marami palang mga igorot na celebrity, di lang natin alam dahil nililihim nila or perhaps just mention it once and hope that people will just forget about it. That’s why lalong sumisikat si Marky dahil sa kanyang ethnic background and sheer talent. Marami na syang nahahatak na fans na di taga Cordillera.

    Just my thoughts.

  10. mmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk di igorot.

  11. gawigawis ay agew u, mas lalo n sau……………………………………….
    adi kan men danag tay ado ado ay kakailiam nan mangsupsuporta ken sik-a………….. is-istem ketdi tay nan igorot palaban…………………..
    gud luck God blessssssssss

  12. mabuhay ka marky! i really do like you even if Im not an igorot,we really admire you here in pangasinan. You one of the strong contenders and no one can beat you and pull you down. You have what it takes to be a SUPERSTAR! i love you and Ill pray for you. God Bless.u

  13. i dont like Marky because he is not genuine, he is just pretending to get all the support. He is so pathetic and I pity him for trying so hard to be on top.

  14. Ay pagat enka ibaba-en di napo-am. I am proud to be a KANKANAEY IGOROT! If i for example i’ll become a superstar i am not going to denied that i am KANKANAEY IGOROT. Good luck to you in all your venture.

  15. hi!!!…marky!!!…isa rin po akong ibaloi igorot na gaya mo…alam niyo po,idol ko po kayo..ipinagmamalaki at di niyo ikinakahiya na isa kayong IGOROT!!!…well…naiinspire na ako na gawin ang aking mga trabaho at gayahin ka!….GOODluck and i will not 4get 2 vote for you…alam ko kaya mong maging survivor..

    ….kayam dayta manong….proud ako sa iyo..

  16. well….han mo nga pansinin jay uyaw da kenka…ipagpepray kita na manalo ka….hehe..sapay kuma ta makita ka nga personal….i promise 2 myself…susundan ko ang iyong yapak….goodluck and godbless.

  17. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! igorot rockzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and be proud to be an igorot coz……. igorotz are cool likewize hot!!!!!!!!!

    Im thankful that a soon to be a star ( marky ) is not ashame to tell to the world that he is igorot…..

    im an igorot too…. and im proud to be one of them……….

    rize high marky!!!!!!! all the cordillerans are so proud of you……… we are all in your back …….. to support you!!!!!!!

    im sure you will be the ultimate chapion!!!!!!!!! in and out!!!!!!!

    Thank you and God bless!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. wheeewww! you are truly ma-appeal kaya crush ka ng bayan……

    idol tlga kita and I’m proud of you even if I’m not an Igorot kya kaung mga iba jan,why do u make Igorot tribes a big deal, o kya nman inggit lng kau?

    we would lyk 2 congratulate u even if we are from afar here in Ifugao.

    keep up the good work!stay humble,simple and sweet still.


  19. im a native of Bontoc,Mountain Province but grew up in Lepanto,Benguet….a genuine IGOROT and am proud of it.goodluck Marky…..you re truly a genuine IGOROT too……

  20. We should be smarter by now not to even entertain the IGNORANCE OF OUR FELLOW FILIPINOS ABOUT THE PEOPLE OF THE CORDILLERAS (CHA TAKO AY IGOROTS!)

    It is simple as that: lack of knowledge=ignorance= tell them to go back to school and learn their geography!

    this young man Mr. Cielo is only a start of Igorot youngsters heading towards stardom, taking over most (take note) of the stupid and foolish people in the Philippine Movie Industry. The only person i respected is Lea Salonga…The rest has nothing compared to her, in brains and in acting and international fame.

    Let’s not however ignore their ignorance..just educate them if there is a possibility of doing so…

    Goodluck to the the Cordillerans and non-Cordillerans who saw passed the skin and ethnicity or religion of any person. Acting talent does not only apply to non-cordillerans and if there is a chance they are given the opportunity to showcase their natural talents, so be it…accept them for who they are, what they become and what their talent means to you or to society.

    Be proud, Igorots ay kakailian!

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