Music video suggestions

Music video suggestions:

Marky Cielo
country song + cowboy getup (hat, leather jacket, pointed boots)
If he can handle the old version of “I don’t wanna miss a thing” that would be awesome. If not, then “If tomorrow never comes” would be a safe choice.

if he doesn’t dig country, then reggae
Bob Marley’s “Is this love”

next action star?

Gian Carlos
a t-shirt with a superman is dead logo
Adam Sandler’s “Growing old with you”

the ultimate happy/funny man

Iwa Moto
Saigono Iwake (sp?) + Tagalog & Bisaya versions
the Japanese connection

Any more suggestions?

One thought on “Music video suggestions

  1. Iwa
    ogenki desuka!!starstruck gambatte ne!1galingan mo. make japanese people proud of you! don’t bother any comments from others, they are just insecure. okey. basta galingan mo. sa lahat ng starstruck 14 ikaw and beat ng region 8. we are proud of you. just be yasashii….kiosukette ne

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