4 thoughts on “Danger Six Week

  1. kirby stood out the best among the six who went out on a hosting job. he cocky and alert and knows to go along with his interviewees. direk floy quintos was very vocal that his hands down winner for that challenge was kirby.

    if you ask me, my fearlest forecast for the final four would LJ & Megan for the ladies nad Benj & Kirby for the gentlemen.

    The thursday dance challenge with Douglas Nierras has had Kirby topping the top spot with Benj, Mike & Megan completing the top four.

    If anyone deserves to be called ULTIMATE SURVIVOR, it would be KIRBY DE JESUS coz he’s been in the bottom three performers as far back as when there still ten of them.

    Go Kirby!!!

  2. Oh shit!!!


    You are defending that vey super boastful person? OH no!!! At magiging ulitimate survivor pa raw!!! OH!!! ang isang may napakasamang ugali? MAgiging ULtimate Survivor?

    Sa bagay, hindi na ako magtataka dahil mga pulpol naman lahat ng kanguso eh!!! Di ba!

    Anyway, nahanap ko na rin sa wakas ang kuta ng mga kanguso!!!! Puro pala kanguso rito!!!

    Pero bakit ganoon,,, may trouble ang mga magakakanguso!!! Instead na magkampikampi sa ikagaganda ng show, disappointed pa! GRABE!!!!

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