Fans vs. Surviros to Decide Ana’s Fate

Four votes against Ana was enough to land her in the bottom three tonight. She has had 30+ plus vote-outs so far. So why do the other finalists want her out? Because they thought she would never fight back. Because she has great potentials, but currently does not yet outshine the others. Kaya nila siya gustong ma-out (lalo na yung mga girls), kasi once na sumipa siya, patay na sila!

Kaya ikaw ang na-vote-out ko kasi hindi mo ipinapakita ang best mo. I don’t see the logic: Kung may potential siya, e di dapat na siya ang mag-stay. They are just afraid. Very afraid. Or maybe they cannot think of any thing else to say. Naging routine na ang kanilang pambu-bully.

So StarStruck viewers, you know what to do.

8 thoughts on “Fans vs. Surviros to Decide Ana’s Fate

  1. i don’t think naman na pam-bu-bully lang ang ginagawa ng mga girls in voting out Ana. i’d like to believe na they just don’t enjoy her company and syempre mas masaya kung friends mo yung kasama mo sa “work” di ba. mas importante sa kanila yung attitude ng kasama over potential or whatever. after all, trabaho naman ng council yung mag-identify kung sino may potential or not. just my two cents 🙂

  2. because of what they’re doing(bullying ana) the sympathy of the viewers goes to ana. most especially to mike; you should not comment about her boyfriend and the “stuff toy” because it’s a personal thing man! para kang bakla! and to krizzy, who do you think you are to judge her that she’s not doing her best, may i ask you are you doing your best? i think NOT!

  3. bad thing they done. awful thing. actually i liked ana because she got my sympathy. now they are doing worse to the child and gave me more sympathy to her.

    Imagine having to vote her 600 points just for a day?!!? (Jolibee)

  4. What’s with Ana? Well, I noticed that she has no friends inside the group. The girls don’t like her and the boys say the same. I noticed that Megan, who claims to be her friend was lying through her teeth at the lie detector test which shows what kind of person she is. She’s not Ana’s friend. Ana maybe tauted by the others as the one who deserves to be kicked out from the competition but it’s not a guarantee that being on top in that competition will guarantee success. Baka mamaya si Ana pa ang sumikat kaysa sa kanila.

  5. you are dissecting the anna issue when in fact it is plain and simple rationale. She is dumwit and obviously has no talent. she cannot do anything right. it is not that she has a bad attitude. she just does not understand what is going on around her. she is dazed and confused because she cannot do anything and in starstruck they want them to do everything. i pity the kid. give her a rest and let her say thank you and goodbye to starstruck.

  6. you made it appear that there is a collective demolition job being done to anna by the rest of the survivors. come on man, your conspiracy theory is too out of this world hahahahahahaha! it was really funny. well, give it a rest. anna is being voted out because she needs to be voted out and she deserves to be voted out.

  7. u see, sobra na ang ginagawa nila kay Ana David, yan tuloy sumisikat siya at nakukuha niya ang sympathy ng mga tao!! Ana david rulezzzzzz!! SHE WILL SURVIVE STARSTRUCK!!

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