Why do they have to baby-talk?

I like what LJ was doing when she was wading through the river. Walang kaartehan! The others just kept on trying to make themselves stupid. Then LJ voted Ana out. She knows who her competitor is.

I will really laugh out loud when the Xerox machine will duplicate this show. They should make their show really good para naman ang nanood sa dalawa ay mag-eenjoy. Hindi yung parang na-Victim.

No wonder they let Jolina be a guest host in Extra Challenge — para alam niya ang gagawin niya sa week na ‘to.

2 thoughts on “Babies

  1. i agree with your statement, “she knows who her competitor is.”

    ana is a big threat for LJ. once ANA releases everything she has, she would be a very tough competition for everyone.

    i don’t believe much in the other three. MEGAN is only a face and a voice. other than that, she’s nothing. she’s mostly crying in some challenges. RYZA is also just a face, IMO. along with KRIZZY.

    as for LJ, she has the moves and ANA, she has the voice.

    just my two cents. ^^

  2. This is my first time to visit this site and I am actually surprised to find out that Ana is a favorite in this blog site.

    Before at the start of the show, I was betting for Ryza to become the ultimate survivor, but as the show goes on, I am starting to notice why Ana is always placed on the bottom three.

    Plus, being voted by her co-survivors. This is the reason why I am slowly having a sympathy for her.

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