Igorota, the movie

Igorota was a movie shot and shown in 1968 with Charito Solis as lead actress.

Full Title: Igorota, the Legend of the Tree of Life

It got the following FAMAS awards:

Best Actress
Charito Solis

Best Cinematography (Color)
Loreto Isleta

Best Director
Cirio H. Santiago

Best Editing
Elsa Abutal

Best Musical Score
Tito Arevalo
Tied with Tony Maiquez for Kasalanan kaya? (1968)

Best Picture

Best Sound
Juanito Clemente

Best Supporting Actor
Fred Galang

An Igorot girl falls in love with a city guy. They get married even if their families protest. The girl lives with her Manila in-laws and suffers years of humiliation. The couple decides to move to her hometown, and the guy is killed.


  • Charito Solis — Princess Maila
  • Ric Rodrigo — Albert
  • Eva Darren
  • Fred Galang — Agpo
  • Eddie Garcia — Mike
  • Lanie Gentica — Lanie
  • Mario Monte — Prince Kadangyan
  • Ben Perez — Apo Pulog

‘Kadangyan’ means rich and ‘apolog’ means bald. The second highest peak in Philippines found in Benguet is Pulag, with Pulog as a variation. Igorot communities do not have royalty. They do not have princesses, princes, kings, or queens.